Faith-Based Speaker,

Kimberly Carnevale,

"The Champion-Builder"

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Building Champions In the arena of Life.  Videos

Former Olympic Hopeful ~ Current Brain Injury survivor, author & "Champion Over-comer through Christ!"

If you are looking for an engaging speaker who can inspire fortitude, encourage betterment of self through Christ's love and motivate with contagious, positive energy derived through a champion Holy spirit---your search has ended!

Kimberly is a former professional equestrian who was working towards her little-girl dream of obtaining a spot on the United States Equestrian Team in the illustrious sport of show jumping. A devastating accident in 1998 left her permanently disabled with a traumatic brain injury. She was forced to relearn what most take for granted, such as reading, writing, walking and talking.

Kimberly faced many seemingly insurmountable obstacles since then, and she utilized her athlete training, amazing service dogs and God's amazing grace to overcome them all. Through personal stories, entertaining K9 presentations and insightful observations, she shares how God turned her tragedy into triumph and shares the tools with her audiences so they can learn how to overcome inevitable hurdles in life and become Champions in school, sports, in their future work place…and in life.